An Advocate For Homeowners

We Inspect For YOU!

“We advocate for homeowners by giving our clients unbiased information to make an informed decision based on facts.” -Common Concerns Home Inspections




Objective Inspections

Unbiased inspections based upon facts.


Comprehensive Reports

Detailed reports with photos and descriptions of issues discovered.


Utilizing the Latest Tools

Thermal imaging, moisture meter, gas leak detector; we use them to provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection… at no additional charge!

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“On-time Promise"

Our industry leading "On-time Promise" guarantees that we will arrive when expected. Otherwise, we give you $50 off your inspection.

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Post-Inspection Walkthrough

We take the time to show you what we found and answer any questions while on-site.


Top 10 Common Defects Of 2018


Is your home inspector an advocate for you or working for somebody else?


A specialist is a man who knows more and more about less and less.
— William J. Mayo

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